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Central Queensland | Australia


About the Show

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We Will Rock You set pieces include:

• 2 x lower white treads 2350 wide by 1200 high alternating 250 / 500 deep steps with battery operated wireless DMX controlled RGB strips on each step wheeled with brakes 6 steps.
• 2 x upper white treads 2350 wide takes treads to 2000 high 250/ 500 deeps steps top step 1000 deep bolts to together.
• 1 x Transit van shell graffitied can dance on roof one side open with bed in back and curtin to pull across on small wheels.
• Subway train facade graffitied two slid open doors will attach to trucks 2 x 3600 or can be flown extra end flats to reach 9600 wide.
• 2 x Trucks at 3600 x 1000 to suit subway with debris for wasteland scene old oil drums, crates small motorbike old bike bits etc.
• Teabox Bass.
• Video player working old TV.
• Killer Queen Throne on truck / Lifter and revolve motorised 240 volt.
• 2 x Hospital beds on wheels.
• 2 X 2400 x 2600 old cyclone mesh wire fences on wheels.
• Full size Harley Davidson motor bike prop with lights on swivel base.
• Flown gates which open on track for Wembley Stadium.
• Playable Brian May replica Red Special guitar.




Wembley Gates

Hospital Beds


Stairs with LED strip