R James Entertainment

Central Queensland | Australia

Shrek! The Musical

About the Show

Shrek includes:

• Forest Backdrops
• Dungeon Cloth
• Dragon Lair Backdrop and Wings • Dragon 4 person puppet
• Farquad Horse
• Farquad Bath
• Shrek exploding toilet
• Stump see through effect
• Tower mobile with ability to rise
• Farquad Palace flat
• Chapel flat

Shrek Props List:

• 1x Skunk Deodorant Spray
• 4x long, large knights swords for guards
• 3x suitcases for 3 pigs (1 brick, 1 straw, 1 sticks)
• 1x large milk carton
• 1x large rolling pin
• 1x large egg wisk
• 2x fairy tale books for two young Fionas (one labelled Rapunzel, one labelled Snow White)
• 3x large fairytale books that can be ripped apart (one with pages to tear out) (These are labelled Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio)
• 1x knights helmet for Shrek (must go over his headpiece)
• 1x remote controlled rat
• 1x small lit campfire
• 2x logs to sit on (Fiona and Shrek)


• Comprehensive set of costumes available and principal characters in multiple sizes


Dragon Lair

Dragon Puppet


Country Cloth

Stump see through effect

Ginger Torture Table