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Kinky Boots

About the Show

Kinky Boots Coming 2019

Being built for 2019 production commissioned by Rockhampton Regional Council.
Set available for hire from April 2019.
A rough plan can be downloaded from here.

Kinky Boots Props List

• Ankle High Boots Quantity unknown at this point
• Park Bench
• 5 X Conveyor belts
• 4 X Shoe Trolleys
• 75 pairs Brown Brogue Shoes
• 100 Shoes Boxes
• Tea Trolley
• Industrial Sewing Machine
• Desk and Bankers Chair
• Desk Lamp and dressings for desk
• Coat stand
• Bin of Leather Rolls
• Shoe Display Case
• 2 X Pub Signs
• 4 X Tables
• 8 X Chairs
• 4 X Portraits
• 6 X Practical Factory Lights
• Easel with Property Development
• Bar with stools

Kinky Boots Set Pieces include:

• Front Wall of Factory Flats 5.5 meters high13.5 wide on Track to open sideways single door in flats
• Full Factory interior box set
• Factory Sign and add on Boot
• Brickwork infill for Alley, Conveyor belt entrance prompt side
• Shelving truck with shoe lasts, Folding bed in back
• Office Truck 2400 square 2200 high office on top level
• Box Screen with Toilet flats behind to suit under office truck
• Red Glitter Curtin for office truck Blue Angel Club
• 2 x sets of movable stairs to suit office and high doorway o/p side
• 2 x Metal roofing structures with led lights
• Dressing Room Truck with dressing Screen
• Catwalk with WDMX Led lighting
• Led Curtain behind catwalk
• Red curtain for Milan